About us

Welcome to "This Person Does Not Exist" - a marvel of technology and creativity, situated at the intersection of art, technology, and imagination.

"This Person Does Not Exist" was birthed from a fascination with the potential of artificial intelligence and its ability to create engaging visual content. We leverage the power of advanced generative adversarial networks (GANs) - a cutting-edge facet of AI that generates data mirroring the patterns and intricacies of real-life examples.

Our website, true to its name, displays an image of a person who does not, in fact, exist. With each page refresh, a new and unique face, crafted entirely by our AI, is displayed. These 'people' are not modelled on any real individuals, but are the result of complex algorithms interpreting vast datasets of human faces.

Our mission is to showcase the astounding capabilities of modern AI technology and inspire thoughtful discussion about its implications. Whether you're an AI enthusiast, a tech industry professional, an artist seeking inspiration, or simply a curious visitor, we hope our site engages and surprises you with the endless possibilities of AI.

Please note that "This Person Does Not Exist" is committed to ethical AI usage. The images generated by our AI are random and not based on any real individuals, protecting privacy and respecting personal rights.

Founded by a team of AI enthusiasts and engineers, "This Person Does Not Exist" continues to explore and experiment in the AI space. We believe in the transformative power of artificial intelligence and are dedicated to sharing our passion with the world.

Thank you for your visit. We hope you find our site intriguing, and we invite you to join us on this journey of discovery in the fascinating world of artificial intelligence.